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Kool Bandage Boot

Kitt Kool equine bandage boot - Buy Online

  • Brand: KITT
  • Price : £ 20.50 In stock

Kool Bandage Boot
Kool Bandage Boot

The KITT Kool Bandage Boot is a multi purpose breathable neoprene boot worn by horses and ponies during exercise, turn out and drying legs in the stable. Our bandage boot is the time-saving alternative to leg bandages.
Pack size: Pair

4.3 Popularity Rating: 4.3 out of 5.0

Kitt Kool equine bandage boot

These multi purpose breathable neoprene boots, or our sport support boots, combined with hock boots can work really well and be less stressful to wear. It can be used as a time saving alternative to stable bandages, or for leg protection during turnout. You may find it a good option for travel too, for horses and ponies who do not like the feel of big padded duvet boots but need something to cover their legs. 

  • Breathable neoprene.
  • New generation flexible strike pad.
  • Extra grip inner lining.

The Kool Bandage Boot is available in black in one fully adjustable size.
Pack size: Pair

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