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Horse Rider Needs

The online equestrian store for all your horse riding needs!

As the official suppliers of KITT equestrian products, we have a fantastic range of products for you and your horse, including clothing, hugs, gloves, equine boots, high-visibility gear, grooming and yard accessories. With our KITT equestrian products we hope to make your horse riding experience even more enjoyable.
We're here for all your horse riding needs!

Official Suppliers of KITT

Online Shop

  • Buy KITT Equine Footwear from our online shop

    Equine Boots

    We sell KITT boots, leg wraps and other equine footwear directly from our online shop. Our equine boots use the latest neoprene technology, including new ‘Kitt Kool’ breathable neoprene where appropriate.

  • Buy your KITT Equestrian Clothing and Footwear from our online shop


    We sell KITT designer clothing and footwear for equestrians in our online shop. Our hugs, chaps, gloves and boots for horse riders have been specially designed to keep you warm, dry and comfortable throughout the year.

  • Buy your Equestrian High Visibility Gear from our online shop

    Hi-Viz Gear

    We sell high visibility gear for horse riders from our online shop. Kitt Hi-Viz reflective accessories offer maximum visibility whatever the riding conditions. They are high quality, lightweight, simple to put on and take off, and easy to clean.

  • Buy your KITT Equestrian Grooming Accessories from our online shop

    Yard & Grooming

    We sell all kinds of KITT grooming and yard accessories in our online shop. From tail protection wraps and fleece bandages to rubber mitts for mucky jobs around the yard.

Latest Products and Special Offers

Official Supplier of KITT - Fashionable Equestrian Clothing

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